Find Faculty and Staff at Howard

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Bridgette Blackwell

Adjunct Lecturer

Art Department

Myles Blakemore

Adjunct Lecturer

Department of Music

Emily Blank

Interim Coordinator Community Development Major


Ericka Blount


Media, Journalism, Film & Communication

Alyce Boatwright

Web Master

Office of the Dean, Pharmacy

Deborah Boatwright

Operations Coordinator

Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel

Peter Bofah

Associate Professor

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, CEA

Anney Bolgiano



Helen Bond

University Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, School of Education

Curriculum and Instruction

Thomas Bonier

Adjunct Faculty

Political Science

Aisha Bonner, PHD

Adjunct Faculty

Social Work

Ashley Booher

Adjunct Professor – Clarinet

Department of Music

Khalid Boushaba



Douglas Bowles

Master Teacher/Lecturer in Musical Theatre

Theatre Arts

Jessica Boykin-Settles

Assistant Professor – Jazz Voice

Department of Music

Lisa Brace

Assistant Professor


Joseph Breems

Chief Project Delivery Officer

Office of the Chief Strategy Officer

Reba Brewington

Chief Office Manager


James C. Bridgers

P/T Lecturer

Health, Human Performance, & Leisure Studies

Jazmin Bridges

Transfer Student Coordinator

Office of Admission

Debra Bright

Initiative Lead

Howard Forward: Serve the Community

Joyce A Brooks

Crime Prevention Specialist

Department of Public Safety