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Tia C. M. Tyree, PHD (She/Her)


  • Strategic, Legal & Management Communication
  • School of Communications


Dr. Tia C. M. Tyree is a Professor at Howard University. She teaches graduate and undergraduate communications courses with a focus on strategic communications, social media and African Americans. Her research interests include hip hop, rap, reality television, film, social media as well as African-American and female representations in media. She has several published book chapters and peer-reviewed articles in journals, such as those in Women and LanguageHoward Journal of CommunicationsJournalism: Theory, Practice & Criticism; Journal of Black Studies and the International Journal of Emergency Management. She is the author of The Interesting and Incredibly Long History of American Public Relations and coeditor of HBCU Experience – The BookSocial Media: Pedagogy and Practice as well as Social Media: Culture and Identity. She is also cofounder of the Social Media Technology Conference and Workshop, which is a conference designed to bring both professionals and academicians together to discuss cutting-edge research and trends in social media.

Education & Expertise


Publications Design

University of Baltimore


Morgan State University

Mass Communication and Media Studies

Howard University


Women, Women in Mass Media, African American Women in Mass Media, Social Media, Rap, Hip Hop, Reality Television, African American in Cartoons



Social Media & ICM

This course is designed to provide students with the history, theory and practical uses of Integrated Strategic Communication (ISC), along with the legal and ethical issues associated with social media. This course requires students to create comprehensive ISC campaigns with an emphasis on targeted uses of social media channels and tactics.  

CapComm Lab

The Capstone Communications Laboratory, known as CapComm Lab, is designed to provide an opportunity for students to gain practical experience through a course that functions like a student-run strategic communications firm. The course is taken by advertising and public relations students, and it emphasizes planning, developing, implementing and evaluating strategic campaigns for a paying client. CapComm Lab provides a rigorous professional-level challenge for students entering the business world or pursuing graduate education. CapComm Lab also provides students with the opportunity to stock their portfolios with real-world examples of their best creative works and examples of their strategic thinking skills. 



Group Information

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