Welcome to Howard University’s People Profiles website!  Howard faculty and staff can use this site to create and maintain public profiles, showcasing professional achievements and provide information to colleagues at Howard University. This site also serves as a resource for students and people outside of the University to learn about our faculty and staff. 

Each profile contains fields for:

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  • Department/office 

A profile can also include school/college affiliation, publications, resumes/CVs, educational/professional background, research interest, expertise, a short biography, and a link to a social media account or to another relevant website, and more. 

Why Participate? 

We believe that one of Howard’s most valuable assets is its people. This site showcases our people both to the world and internally within Howard University. For example, maintaining a People Profile can help prospective students find out about the work of their potential future professors/mentors/advisors.  Maintaining a People Profile can also assist existing Howard students and faculty in learning about the work of fellow Bison and inspire interdisciplinary projects. 

Get Started 

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We expect Profiles users to adhere to the user guidelines and, just as with all public, online information and social media, remain mindful that anyone can view these Profiles and that anything published on the web creates a permanent record. 

Also, site viewers should keep in mind that the views represented within the profiles of individuals do not represent those of Howard University, and only active Howard faculty and staff are included in the website. 

Please note that all users must agree to abide by the terms and conditions before participating. 

Support & Feedback 

If you experience any technical or content related issues, please review the help sections that are available after you log in. If you do not find an answer to your question, please contact us for further assistance. We also accept feedback about the site: we are open to hearing about what you like about it and what needs improvement.  We take user experience seriously and will continue to improve the site over time.