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Anjerrika Bean, PHD

Assistant Director

Center for Women, Gender and Global Leadership

Zondi L. Bears

Environmental Health and Safety Specialist

Department of Environmental Health and Safety

Mario Beatty


Afro American Studies

Fikru Belema Bedada

Assistant Professor

Clinical Laboratory Science

Sandy Bellamy

Adjunct Professor

Art Department

Alice Ogden Bellis

Professor of Hebrew Bible

Biblical Studies, Divinity

David Bennett

Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations

Development & Alumni Relations

Linda Berg-Cross



Daphne B. Bernard, PharmD, RPh

Associate Provost, Institutional Accreditation and Assessment

Office of the Provost

Raymond Bernor



Ivory Berry

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Office of Student Services, CEA

Mikeisha Best

Senior Counselor

CHSOC Dean's Office

Ioana Bettios

Interim Chair Prosthodontics Department


Erin Bevel

Adjunct Faculty

Political Science

Kim Bey

Associate Professor

Theatre Arts

Paul Bezandry



Jeremy Blackstone

Assistant Professor

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, CEA

Bridgette Blackwell

Adjunct Lecturer

Art Department

Myles Blakemore

Adjunct Lecturer

Department of Music

Emily Blank

Interim Coordinator Community Development Major


Alyce Boatwright

Web Master

Office of the Dean, Pharmacy

Deborah Boatwright

Operations Coordinator

Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel