Find Faculty and Staff at Howard

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Jazmin Bridges

Transfer Student Coordinator

Office of Admission

Vashon Broadnax, Ed.D.

Program Manager

Graduate Program, School of Business

Joyce A Brooks

Crime Prevention Specialist

Department of Public Safety

Tina Louise Brower-Thomas

Executive Director Center Integrated Quantum Materials

Graduate School

Tammy L Brown

Associate Professor


Summer Brown

Master Instructor

Art Department

Scot Brown

Associate Professor


Lincoln Brown

Assistant Director, Advising Services

Office of Undergraduate Studies

Carl E Brown

State/Executive Director

Small Business Development Center

Yolanda Brown

Clinical Coordinator

Office of the Dean, Dentistry

Stacye Brown Loman



LaTanya Brown-Robertson, PhD


COAS Honors Program

Pamela Brown-White

Assistant Clinical Professor

Physical Therapy

Stephen Broyles

Adjunct Lecturer

Community, Administration & Policy Practice, Social Work

Matthew Bruckner

Faculty, Law Department

Allison Morgan Bryant

Vice President of Corporate Relations

Office of Corporate Relations

Valentino Bryant

Development, School of Law

Benjamin Buchholz

Project Manager

Center For Sickle Cell Disease

Flordeliz T. Bugarin

Associate Professor

African Studies

MarQuis Bullock, MLIS

Manuscripts Archivist

Moorland Spingarn Research Center

Legand L Burge, III, PhD

Professor of Computer Science

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, CEA

Janelle Burke

Associate Professor


Bob Burke

Program Manager and Adjunct Faculty

Information Systems & Supply Chain Management