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Zondi L. Bears

Environmental Health and Safety Specialist

  • Department of Environmental Health and Safety


Zondi Bears currently serves as the Environmental Health and Safety Specialist for the Department of Environmental Health & Safety. Current duties include oversight of environmental, safety, health and quality assurance programs, including management of the Biohazardous, Chemical Hazardous, Universal Wastes for the campus. She developed/implemented the currently used Contingency Plan for Accidental Chemical Spills. She routinely inspects, tests and evaluate workspace to ensure that they follow safety standards, identify hazards, collects samples of potentially toxic materials for analysis, investigates incidents/accidents to identify what caused them and how they might be prevented and with both prepares written reports of her findings.Ms. Bears looks forward to applying her many years of experience and diverse technical skills to enhancing the EHS’s Integrated Safety Management System, and continuously improving the Department’s safety culture. Ms. Bears professional knowledge and experience with safety initiatives across a variety of programs and sites, along with training have equipped her to meet the challenges of successfully guiding the constructive evolution of EHS’s safety culture.Prior to her employment with Howard University Ms. Bears has over 30 years of employment within DC Government in various positions, (i.e. Lead Agency Emergency Liaison Officer, Agency Risk Management Representative, Building Management Specialist, Safety & Occupational Health Specialist, Facility Energy Manager, Safety Officer, Contracting Official Technical Representative, Secretary) where she inspected facilities for safety, compliance repairs for planned worked/construction/renovations, developed emergency response plans/procedures, conducted unannounced fire/safety drills for the senior population, developed SOPS for safety/risk management, published monthly safety/wellness newsletters. She participated in training for tri-county emergency response, instrumental in the development of the COOP plan for senior population, and performed training exercises activities supporting the planning and execution of the DC Emergency Response Plan emergency support function 1 ESF-1 in accordance with DCHESMA.Ms. Bears while employed with the Private Industry for over six years in various positions (Safety Officer, Office Manager and Management Trainee) afforded her the opportunities to learn and adhere to facility risk management operations, construction site safety measures to name a few.  While her duties included patient intake/care, sterilization, emergency operations during power outages, control of cash flow/risk management, research, organize materials, travel/communications between the state and Africa for needed medical, environmental and health related services.Ms. Bears has over twenty-two years of experience/training and certifications with the Prince Georges County Volunteer Fire Department in various positions (i.e. Firefighter Levels I, II, III, EMT, Fire Officer, Hazardous Materials Operations, AED Certified, CPR, Rescue Technician) this training has allowed her to receive training in both the medical and safety sides. With this training she can be useful in the coordinated safety operations during emergencies. Where duties included provider of life support medical care, search, rescue and recovery operation, conducting standard and specialized inspections of properties to identify common fire hazards and violations. Ability to identify hazardous substances and the associated personal safety risks.While Ms. Bears has an extensive history of training, she is always willing and eager to learn, take training and become certified. She is the true embodiment of hard worker, team player, and when tasked she is always willing to assist. She has the ability to use technology, great communication skills, detailed oriented and problem-solving skills to add to her attributes.