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Dr. Hakim M. Rashid

Hakim Muhammad Rashid, Ph.D.


Biographical Sketch - Dr. Hakim M. Rashid


Dr. Hakim M. Rashid is a Professor and former Chairman of the Department of Human Development and Psychoeducational Studies in the School of Education at Howard University in Washington, DC.  A native of Flint, Michigan, Dr. Rashid received his B.A. degree from Pomona College in Claremont, California, a M.A. and an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Education and Psychology from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Dr. Rashid has served as a Fulbright Scholar at King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a Visiting Professor at Khartoum University in Sudan, and a Fulbright-Hays Seminar Abroad Fellow in China.  He has lectured in Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Bermuda, Canada, and the United States. A former Research Associate at the High Scope Educational Research Foundation, he has also been a preschool teacher, a center director, and a consultant to child development programs across the country. In addition to Howard University, Dr. Rashid has served on the faculties of Jackson State University, the University of Michigan at Flint, and the University of South Carolina. Articles written by Dr. Rashid have appeared in the Journal of Negro Education, the American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences, Muslim Education Quarterly, Educational Research Quarterly, Contemporary Education and Young Children, among other publications. Dr. Rashid has also produced and directed a documentary film entitled “Strange Fruit Redux? The Perils of Young Black Boys in Early Childhood Education”