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Headshot photo of Scott Jackson Dantley, Ph.D.

Scott Jackson Dantley, Ph.D.

Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • School of Education


As the Senior Associate Dean, I provide leadership, strategic direction, and executive oversight for all matters related to academic portfolio management and evaluation, academic innovation and integration, compliance, and accreditation. Maintain relationships with external entities and provides oversight of the admission, recruitment, retention, and graduation of students and the resources. Provide administrative oversight of program changes, course changes, course and curricular evaluations, and program reviews, by working closely with Program Coordinators to ensure continuous assessment to maintain program quality. Responsible for ensuring program quality, advising and guiding the School in meeting University requirements, completing annual reports, and leading self-studies to ensure that the School remains compliant with all relevant accrediting and professional licensing bodies. 

I also serve as Project Investigator (Pi) for a three-year grant with the US Department of Education to expose ninth graders to algebra concepts used to explore engineering design models. Texas Southern University is a subcontractor on the project.

Education & Expertise


Science Education

The University of Maryland-College Park


Research Interests

Achievement in Science and Science Education 

International STEM comparisons 

Minority Achievement 



Measurement and Assessment in Teaching

Graduate course on measurement and assessment designed for k-12 teachers.

International Internship and Special Topics Seminar

The International Internship Program offers students the opportunity to integrate pedagogical and theoretical concepts related to teaching and learning within an international context.  The purpose of the international internship and special topics seminar is to allow students to develop global competencies aimed at providing exposure to global teaching skills, students, and environments. The special topics seminar facilitates intercultural development and cross-cultural experiences through online discussions, journal writing, and interdisciplinary readings. Students will be eligible for nine (9) credit hours.