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Dr. Delancy Bennett

Delancy Bennett

Assistant Professor of Marketing

  • Marketing
  • School of Business


Educational Background

Ph.D. Marketing
University of Massachusetts Amherst 

MBA Marketing (Brand Management)
Wake Forest University 

BA Studio Art/BA Advertising (JMC)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 


Research Interests

  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion
  • Sports Marketing (Sponsorship, Endorsements, Team Branding and Rebranding)
  • Celebrity Endorsements
  • Cashless Society
  • Covid and Marketing Agility
  • Experiential Learning
  • Narrative Transportation and Meaning Transfer


Delancy is an award-winning researcher, author, and teacher. He is an author of Sports Marketing; A Winning Approach by Stukent and the creator of the Sports Marketing Simulation by Stukent. 

His research has been published in several top-ranking journals including Phycology and Marketing, the Journal of Consumer Marketing, Business Horizons, Marketing Letters, the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, and the Journal of Contemporary Issues in Advertising Research. Delancy’s research focuses on the moderating effect of celebrity credibility and source persuasion on consumer affinity, information processing, and behavior in the domains of branding, advertising, and health and public policy.  To date, this research draws on both qualitative and quantitative methods. Primarily, Delancy’s work incorporates ethnographic methodologies, including grounded theory analysis, in-depth interviews and photo elicitation studies for construct development, and uses positivist methods such as cross-sectional factorial experiments and survey data analysis for theory testing and scale development.

Other Related Experience

Prior to an academic career, Delancy spent several years working in industry. Delancy’s past experience includes employment as the Senior Executive Marketing Manager with the Carolina Panthers where he managed multiple premier sponsor accounts including Gatorade, Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Dairy Management Inc., Blue Cross Blue Shield, Bojangles, Time Warner Cable, Outback Steakhouse, and Wendy’s. He also gained experience in brand management working on the “all” and Suave brands for Unilever HPC. Delancy’s duties at Unilever included brand strategy, advertising, consumer promotions, public relations, Hispanic marketing, new product introduction, brand portfolio management, and business plan formulation. Delancy has also held leadership positions in and consulted for several entrepreneurial ventures. 


Selection of Published works:


Is this real life? Is it just fantasy? The development and validation of a media-evoked fantasy scale

DHS Bennett, G Matos, NA Anaza, C Ruvalcaba, M Hamilton

Journal of Consumer Marketing 2023


DPS 2.0: on the road to a cashless society

NA Anaza, DHS Bennett, Y Andonova, E Anaza

Marketing Letters 2022


Big names and small price tags: an analysis of celebrity endorsement on consumers’ perceptions of price, quality, and intent to purchase

DHS Bennett, NA Anaza, Y Andonova

Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice 2022


Minority students corporate engagement programs: Addressing the ad industry’s problem with minorities

DHS Bennett, G Matos, Y Andonova, L Pindar

Journal of Education for Business 2021


Riding the subscription box wave: Understanding the landscape, challenges, and critical success factors of the subscription box industry

Y Andonova, NA Anaza, DHS Bennett

Business Horizons 2021


COVID-19: Health disparities and social determinants of health

ÉC Burton, DHS Bennett, LM Burton

International Social Work 2020


Remote Working 2.0: Balancing Work and Family During the Coronavirus Pandemic

D Bennnett, Y Andonova, N Anaza, E Burton

California Management Review 2020


Understanding bad-boy celebrity endorser effectiveness: The fantasy-based relationship, hedonic consumption, and congruency model

D Bennett, W Diamond, E Miller, J Williams

Journal of Current Issues & Research in Advertising 2020


What Is Street Cred? An Exploration of Street Credibility in the Marketplace

D Bennett, G Matos, M Hamilton, N Pendarvis

ACR North American Advances 2020


Industry Connection: An Insider’s Guide to Working in Sports

D Bennett

Sports and Entertainment Review 2020


Is it expensive? The dual effect of construal level on price judgments

JK Saint Clair, ML Hamilton, OP Woodham, A Namin, DHS Bennett

Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice 2019


Allow me to (re) introduce myself: An experiential learning rebranding project within the context of professional sports

DHS Bennett, G Matos, Y Andonova

Marketing Education Review 2019


From the classroom to the boardroom: Corporate engagement programs that integrate theory and practice onsite with business executives

DHS Bennett, MA Raymond

Marketing Education Review 2017