Profile User Guidelines

We expect that profile users will represent themselves accurately and in a manner that is respectful of themselves and of the University.

The website administrators reserve the right to unpublish a profile at any time if they feel that information represented within it:

  • is inappropriate according to the profile guidelines; listed below, and/or
  • violates the terms and conditions.

Note: If a website administrator flags a profile as having violated guidelines or terms and conditions, under normal circumstances, the first step will be to ask the profile owner to remediate.  If a response is not sent from the profile owner within 24 hours, then the profile might be removed until the profile owner can responds.

We don’t intend to limit creativity and want all users to be able to use their profiles as a tool that is supportive of their professional and academic success!


  • Each user is required to agree to the site's terms and conditions before accessing their profile for the first time. Within the terms and conditions, it is noted that individuals are required to acknowledge that they will refrain from including any profane, offensive, defamatory or infringing materials.
  • When placing information in your profile, please use each field in the profile according to the stated purpose listed adjacent to the field, and as stated with the help page.
  • Represent yourself accurately, professionally, and respectfully.
  • Please keep in mind that although what you state does not necessarily reflect Howard's principles, you inherently represent Howard University as a graduate student, staff or faculty member, or administrator.