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Sydnea Lewis

Sydnea Lewis

Master Instructor

  • Art Department
  • College of Fine Arts


Sydnea Lewis is a passionate and experienced Brand and Web Strategist with a global reputation for providing high-quality brand solutions. Her unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional work has earned her an international reputation, and she is proud to have established herself as a leader in this industry.

In 2011, in a digital design class at Howard University, Sydnea established Creative Obsessions, which would become a full-service Brand and Marketing Agency that specializes in everything from brand development to website design, marketing materials, and advertising creative. As the owner of this company, Sydnea is responsible for everything from the overall vision to day-to-day operations, and she is proud to have built a team of talented professionals who share her passion for creativity and excellence.

In 2016, Sydnea expanded her entrepreneurial portfolio by becoming the owner of Bamboo Balance, A Yoga and Mindfulness company that aligns with her personal values of health, wellness, and mindfulness.

Sydnea’s academic journey began with a BFA in Graphic Design from Howard University in Washington, DC. She then went on to earn a Master of Graphic Design from the Florence Design Academy in Florence, Italy. Thanks to her education, Sydnea has been able to develop a keen eye for detail, a deep understanding of design principles, and the ability to create memorable and impactful marketing materials with clear, concise messages and clean designs.

In addition to her successful business ventures, Sydnea is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with the next generation of creative professionals. As a Master Instructor of digital design and entrepreneurship at Howard University, she combines her love for design and creativity with her love for mindfulness. Sydnea teaches her students how to build fulfilling, creative careers in the creative industry without stress and burnout. She believes that by incorporating mindfulness practices into their daily lives, students will be able to approach their work with greater focus, creativity, and resilience. Sydnea is committed to shaping the future of this industry by empowering the next generation of creative professionals.

Throughout her career, Sydnea has had the pleasure of working with a variety of clients, including the Smithsonian Institution, International Press Institute, and Howard University. She is dedicated to building strong brands by creating memorable materials that resonate with audiences and clearly communicate messages.