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Solyee Kim, Ph.D. (She/her)

Assistant Professor

  • Communication Studies
  • School of Communications


Dr. Solyee Kim's research focuses on social identity, representation and culture in strategic communication and the media industry and practices including DEI topics and experiences of marginalized communities such as immigrants and underrepresented racial and ethnic groups. She employs a multi-method and interdisciplinary approach. Her research has appeared in Howard Journal of Communications, Journal of Public Relations Research, Journalism Practice, and International Journal of Strategic Communication, among others. She won the 2023 outstanding dissertation award from the International Communication Association’s Public Relations Division and several top paper awards at AEJMC. She has formerly taught a wide range of strategic communication courses at the University of Georgia as a visiting lecturer.

Previously, Dr. Kim worked at a public relations firm in Atlanta and participated in a PRSA award-winning marketing video series. She also interned with a number of international organizations including the United Nations in New York and the International Rescue Committee in Atlanta. Prior to working in public relations, she worked as a freelance translator and interpreter traveling to the United States and the Middle East for various companies.

Education & Expertise



Mass Communication
University of Georgia


Journalism and Mass Communication
University of Georgia


German Language and Literature
Chung-Ang University



Related Articles

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