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Sanjib Sharma

Sanjib Sharma, PhD

Assistant Professor

  • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, CEA
  • College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA)


Dr. Sanjib Sharma is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Howard University. He received his PhD from Pennsylvania State University. His research focuses on advancing a fundamental understanding of the interactions and nonlinear feedback between water and other systems (such as climate, ecosystem, energy, urban, and infrastructure) to inform risk analysis and decision-making. His research addresses two interconnected questions: (i) How can we enhance our predictive understanding of multiscale, multisector impacts, responses, and feedback related to hydroclimatic extremes? (ii) How can we utilize this improved understanding of risk to inform hazard management, water resources planning, and the design of critical infrastructure? Dr. Sharma analyzes these questions through interdisciplinary research at the intersection of engineering, Earth science, and data science.

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Water Resources & Hydrology, Hydroclimatic Extremes, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Climate Risk Analysis, Infrastructure Resilience