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Sammara Evans

Director of Institutional Research

  • Institutional Research and Assessment


Sammara brings over fourteen years of extensive experience in higher education, specifically in the fields of institutional research, effectiveness, assessment, compliance, and enrollment management. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a passion for utilizing data and technology to empower end-users in making informed, data-driven decisions and optimizing resource allocation to enhance student success and improve the overall student experience.

Sammara firmly believes that data plays a pivotal role in fostering awareness and accountability within educational institutions. By meticulously gathering and thoroughly interpreting data, she enables stakeholders to gain valuable insights and make strategic decisions that positively impact student outcomes.

As a dedicated professional, Sammara serves her university by providing comprehensive decision support to faculty and staff across various areas, including student admissions, enrollment management, persistence factors, student outcomes, and beyond. She is committed to delivering exceptional support and leveraging her expertise to drive positive change within the institution.

With her vast knowledge, analytical skills, and a deep understanding of the higher education landscape, Sammara remains focused on leveraging data-driven approaches to continuously improve processes and promote student success.

In summary, Sammara is a highly accomplished professional with a strong commitment to using data effectively and fostering a culture of evidence-based decision-making in higher education. Her expertise and dedication make her a valuable asset in facilitating positive change and driving continuous improvement within the academic community.



Education & Expertise


Research Administration

Master of Science
Central Michigan University