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Headshot photo of Pamela A.G.  Clarke

Pamela A.G. Clarke


  • Research Development
  • Director, Research Development (RD)
    Office of Research


Ms. Pamela A.G. Clarke is the Director of the Research Development Unit within the Office of Research at Howard University. In her role as Director, she leads the Research Development Unit  and has direct working relationships with faculty in their pursuit of extramural research funding for all grant and contract proposals, with a specific focus on  large interdisciplinary proposals, center proposals, and research and training proposals. Ms. Clarke has the responsibility  for the design, implementation, and stewardship of research development models supporting Howard University. Ms. Clarke collaborates with constituents across and external to the university to raise the university‚Äôs research profile, advance research success and build new research collaborations in line with other divisional efforts that maintain and support a growing Carnegie Research One (R1) university. As the Strategy and Operations Lead  for  research development she develops and manages programs to improve engagement of faculty in research; provide strategic advice to develop competitive proposals; develops research development metrics and goals: assist with the writing and review of proposals for large, complex awards;  assist researchers in identifying a diverse portfolio of funding sources; design and manage programs to support research development and develop strategic partnerships with foundations, national laboratories and granting agencies to bring program directors and grant officers to meet with researchers on campus. Ms. Clarke also manages all  faculty research incentive programs and competitions. Ms. Clarke, through her research has investigated the molecular mechanisms of endocrine resistance in breast cancer to gain a better understanding of how breast cancer cells acquire resistance to systemic endocrine and cytotoxic therapies and the effects of hormones and growth factors on breast cancer cell proliferation survival and death.

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