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Lucretia Glover

Lucretia Glover, EDD


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South Carolina native Dr. Lucretia Glover is a mathematics lecturer at Howard University in the District of Columbia. Before her recent post-secondary appointment, she served as the Director of Student Affairs for Primary Grades for a private school in northern Virginia. She has over 18 years of experience in mathematics education and educational leadership. As an educator, Dr. Glover has worked in the field of education and has had the opportunity to work with students and faculty from diverse backgrounds, locality (e.g., suburban, rural, and urban), and school types (e.g., public, charter, and independent).


Throughout her professional career as a leader in the Pre-K - 12 setting, Dr. Glover has served in other leadership capacities, which included Academic Dean of Instruction, District Lead Mathematics Specialists K - 8, Elementary and Middle School Co-Principal, K-6 Mathematics Instruction Committee Chair, Middle School Mathematics Department Chair, and Middle School Learning Support/Strategy & Instructional Coach. While working as a mathematics instructor, she was nominated as teacher of the year for two years. In addition, she was recognized for her outstanding achievements in raising student academic achievements in mathematics education at the school and district levels.


In the post-secondary sector, she served as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics and the Retention Chair at Allen University. Before that, she was a Mathematics Lecturer and Academic Advisor in the Department of General Studies at Kean University. During her tenure at Kean University, Dr. Glover was recognized for providing outstanding leadership in higher education as a mathematics professor and was nominated for the JV Educational Leadership Award by JV Educational Consultants. While working at Kean University, she continued to close the achievement gap by assisting the institution in increasing students’ participation in research. In doing so, she founded the campus’s first online magazine in 2019 called SPOKEN! The online magazine gave way to setting a platform for students to obtain knowledge by examining nuances that directly affect them.

Dr. Lucretia Glover is committed to working with educators across all disciplines and grade levels. Her research interest includes but is not limited to culturally relevant pedagogy, mathematics education, pedagogy practices in P-12 and higher education, fixed and growth mindset, mathematics anxiety, diversity and inclusion, problem-solving and real-world application of mathematics, teacher beliefs, STEAM education, and teaching of mathematics for social justice. As a researcher and practitioner in education, she conducted professional development for principals, district leaders, instructional coaches, and educators, specifically mathematics and science educators. My most recent professional development at Teachers College, Columbia University was entitled Addressing Racial and Cultural Literacy in Math and Science through Educating Students on How to Read and Write the World, held virtually at Teachers College, Columbia University.

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