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The picture of Dr. Lotanna Micah Nneji

Lotanna Micah Nneji, PhD (He/His)

Assistant Professor

  • Biology
  • College of Arts & Sciences


The Nneji Ecology, Genetics, Evolution and Conservation (NEGEC) Lab studies the diversity and distribution of amphibians, reptiles and fish in West and Central Africa using combined field surveys, morphological, ecological and genetic data to improve understanding of their ecology, adaptation patterns and conservation status. The NEGEC lab seeks to understand the evolutionary processes that govern the diversification of West and Central African wildlife and the impact of human activities and climate change on their diversity and distribution. Also, we are interested in understanding the feeding ecology of West and Central African mammals. We welcome students, postdocs, and collaborators interested in evolution, systematics, biogeography, phylogenetics, comparative genomics and trophic ecology of West and Central African fauna. We are dedicated to communicating science to a broad audience of students, teachers, and the public through conservation outreach programs in our study areas in West and Central Africa. Additionally, the NEGEC lab engages in citizen science, where we engage local community members in scientific data collection for research and conservation planning.

Education & Expertise


Postdoctoral Research Associate

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Princeton University, New Jersey, USA

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China


University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China


Zoology (Ecology and Environmental Biology)
University of Ibadan, Nigeria


University of Abuja, Nigeria

National Diploma

Science Laboratory Technology
Federal Polytechnic Oko, Nigeria


Evolution, systematics, biogeography, phylogenetics, comparative genomics and trophic ecology of West and Central African fauna



BIOL240 (Evolution)




Biogeography, ecology, evolution, systematics, comparative genomics, natural history, climate change studies, and conservation genetics of African wildlife (amphibians, reptiles and fish), as well as feeding ecology of West/Central African mammals


2023: Meridian National Geographic Grant: ‘Developing Multidisciplinary Approach towards sustainable conservation of the threatened Nigerian-Cameroon highlands

2022: First Booster Rufford Small Grant: ‘Enhancing studies and sustainable conservation actions for amphibians and reptiles in highly biodiverse and threatened Nigerian montane regions

2022: Emerging Conservationist Grant by the Conservation Nation for the project ‘Saving the Critically Endangered and Endemic Toad in Nigeria.

2022:   Future Conservationist Award by the Conservation Leadership Programme for the project ‘Conservation status of a poorly known and endemic lizard (Ondo Forest gecko) from Nigeria

2021-24 : International Scientific Coordination Network - South (GDRI-Sud) to support ‘West African Marine Fish DNA Barcoding Network (WAMBA-net)’.



Related Articles

Selected Publications (* = Equal first authorship)

1. Bin Zuo, Lotanna M. Nneji, Yan-Bo Sun (2023). Comparative genomics reveals insights into anuran genome size evolution. BMC Genomics 24, 379 (2023).  


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