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Adjunct Professor Keta Newborn

Keta Newborn (she, her)

Adjunct Lecturer

  • Theatre Arts
  • College of Fine Arts



Stage Management

This course will focus on the skills and mechanics necessary to contribute to the production process as a stage manager with a focus on organization, leadership, and communication.

The course offers a solid curriculum for a peek into the evolving world of stage management. Students will discuss the core functions and responsibilities of stage management, methods for building blocking scripts and calling scripts, a run-down of show paperwork and the methods behind each, as well as more involved work in developing one’s own stage management philosophy and style. Lectures will also address how to collaborate with different people and departments, problem-solve and create solutions, and stage management resumes.

Stage Management II

This course will focus on the different types & styles of approaches to leadership, management, communication, critical thinking, and ethics for the stage manager. Through the lens of the artful application of these skills to the different types of live performances the stage manager may encounter, such as new works, musicals, opera, dance, and event work, students will strengthen and hone their personal stage management style. This course requires additional work outside of class time for engagement in practice-based exercises and rehearsal/performance observations.

Students in this course will: Demonstrate an understanding of the management and communication skills, paperwork, and rehearsal & performance practices necessary for a stage manager in various types of collaborative creative processes for live performance including new work, musical theatre, opera, dance, and events. Demonstrate an understanding of engaging with the various Unions and personnel a stage manager may encounter in each style of live performance. Identify the types of stage management projects best suited to the individual.