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Kenton Rambsy, PhD (He/Him)

Associate Professor of African American Literature

  • English, Associate Professors
  • College of Arts & Sciences
  • Graduate School
  • Data storytelling & Visualization Specialist
    Center for Applied Data Science and Analytics


Kenton Rambsy is an Associate Professor of African American literature at the Howard University. At Howard he is a core member in The Center of Applied Data Science and Analytics (CADSA) where he serves as the data storytelling and visualization specialist.

His areas of research include 20th and 21st century African American short fiction, Hip Hop, and book history. His on-going Digital Humanities projects use datasets to illuminate the significance of recurring trends and thematic shifts as it relates black writers and rappers.

Kenton if the co-founder of The Literary Data Gallery, an online gallery that contains a variety of data driven visualization projects about Black creative works, creative artists, and literary critics.

His book, The Geographies of African American Short Stories (2022), illuminates an important, though often understudied, mode of literary art by interpreting writers’ depictions of characters navigating distinct social and physical environments.

Education & Expertise


Bachelor's Degree

Morehouse College

Master of Arts

African American Literature
University of Kansas


African American Literature
University of Kansas

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Co-written with Howard Rambsy II, “How the ‘New York Times’ Covers Black Writers” (Public Books, October 2022) uses data to consider the veracity of the idea that only “only one” or a few Black writers are elevated at any one time by white publishing outlets.