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Jia Lin, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor

  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • School of Education


Dr. Jia Lin was born and raised in Shandong province in China, the hometown of Confucius. She received her Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill. Before joining the faculty at Howard University, Dr. Lin served as a teaching-track professor at UNC-Chapel Hill for 12 years. Her research primarily focuses on language testing, world language education, and educational measurement.




Education & Expertise


Curriculum and Instruction

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill



EDUC 223: Instructional Technology for 21st Century Classroom

EDUC 312: Introduction to Assessment and Measurement in Teaching

EDUC 412: Research Foundations and Methods

EDUC 430: Methods and Instructional Technology

EDUC 673: Research Methods in Curriculum and Teaching

Related Articles

Recent Publications

Lin, J. (2023). The structural relationships among L2 motivation, out-of-class informal learning, and oral proficiency: A multiple-group structural equation modeling study. Language Teaching Research, (online first).

Lin, J. (2023). ACTFL Chinese reading proficiency guidelines: Verifying the difficulty hierarchy. Foreign Language  Annals.

Lin, J. (2023). Assessing the dimensionality of Chinese as a second language reading: a confirmatory factor analysis approach. Chinese as a Second Language Research, 12(2), 173-204.

Lin, J., Gao, G., & Huang, T. (2023). Strategies-based Chinese as a second language reading instruction: effects and learners’ perceptions. Reading in a Foreign Language, 35(1), 1–29.

Lin, J. & Gao, G. (2023). Advanced-level learners’ use of connectives in L2 Chinese writing: An error analysis approach. In L. Yang & L. Valentín-Rivera (Eds.), Developing Writing Competence in L2 Chinese Classrooms: Research and Application. Multilingual Matters.

Huang, T., Chen, S., Lin, J., & Cun, A. (2023). Marginalized, silenced, and struggling: Understanding the plights of Chinese graduate teaching assistants. International Journal of Chinese Education, 12(1).