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Headshot photo of Jason Shastri Matthews

Jason Shastri Matthews, PhD

Associate Professor

  • Chemistry
  • College of Arts & Sciences


Jason S. Matthews is currently an associate professor of Chemistry and the Chair of the Natural Science Division (NSD) at Howard University. He received his B.S in chemistry from Howard University and his Ph.D. from The Georgia Institute of Technology. He worked as a senior chemist in the Catalyst Skills Center at the Union Carbide Corporation in Charleston, WV before joining the faculty at Howard University in 2001. His research interests include:

  • Synthesis and evaluation of MOCVD precursors for use in the growth of materials
  • Allosteric effectors for use with hemoglobin
  • Polymerization catalysis


Keywords: MOCVD, Catalysis, Materials, Organometallic Chemistry

Recent Publications

Nyesa A. Enakaya, Aniah Jefferson, Danielle Chew-Martinez and Jason S. Matthews, “Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Allosteric Effectors for Hemoglobin,” Accts. of Chemical Research, 2023.

K.O. Johnson, A. Brown, G. Farris, A. Starks, R.J. Butcher, and Jason S. Matthews, “Distorted zinc coordination polyhedra in bis (1-ethoxy-2-{[(2-methoxyethyl) imino] methyl} propan-1-olato) zinc, a possible CVD precursor for zinc oxide thin films,” Acta Crystallographica Section E: Crystallographic Communications, 78(3), 2022.

K.O. Johnson, H. Burgess, R.J. Butcher, and Jason S. Matthews, “Synthesis and Structural Characterization of β-Enaminoamide Zinc Complexes,” Journal of Chemical Crystallography, 51(2), 251-256, 2021.

O.O. Gbemigun, R.J.  Butcher, and Jason S. Matthews, “Synthesis and Structural Characterization of β-Enaminoester Zinc Complexes,” Journal of Chemical Crystallography, 2019.


Graduate Students

Olamide Onakoya, PhD  (2007)                hired by Bayer Material Science 
Tantiboro Ouattara, PhD (2006)                hired by Brewer Science, MO 
Tigist Kassa, PhD (2012)                          hired by FDA, White Oak MD 
Courtney Cunningham, MS (2012)           hired by EKA Chem, Bahamas
Keneshia Johnson, PhD (2013)                Assistant Professor Alabama A&M University
Oluwaseun Falola, PhD (2015)                 hired by EPA 
Abu Kamara, PhD (2017)                          Associate Professor South Carolina State University
Nyesa Enakaya, PhD (2023)                     Assistant Professor Trinity Washington University
Jaden Rouse 2023-current                        BS 2022 Bucknell University

Education & Expertise



Georgia Institute of Technology


Howard University


Materials Chemistry, Biomaterials, Organometallic Chemistry



Organic Chemistry