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Eman Hussein, PHD (she, her)

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Dr. Eman Hussein is an Arab American. She earned her PhD in Arabic Language and Literature in 2019 from the University of Jordan.  

Her research interests include language variations and the integration of technology into the classroom. She has taught beginning, intermediate and advanced Arabic language classes, Grammar Arabic, Reading and Writing, Media Arabic, Business Arabic, as well as courses about Arabic culture and literature for more than 10 years at various NYC , NJ universities, and Howard University.

She loves teaching, meeting people, literature, music, dance, and food.  In her classroom she enjoys teaching the Arabic language as well as sharing Arabic culture through singing, dancing, playing games, and cooking Middle Eastern foods with her students. Her best time of the year is when she hears from her students at the end of the semester that the Arabic language is beautiful, fun, and an enjoyable language to learn.

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Arabic Language and Literature
University of Jordan