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Assistant Professor

Edmund Essah Ameyaw, PhD

Assistant Professor

  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • College of Pharmacy
  • Center for Applied Data Science and Analytics


I hold PhD in mathematics with a research focus in Statistics.  I am currently Assistant Professor of Data Science within Data Science Program and the Department of Pharmaceutical Science at the College of Pharmacy in Howard University. Over the past three years, I have held concurrent roles as a Research Coordinator and Adjunct Lecturer at Howard University. My primary emphasis has been on providing essential technical expertise to clinicians and researchers, specifically in the domains of data visualization, data analysis and result interpretation, statistical modeling, manuscript preparation, peer review for scholarly publications, as well as the instruction of statistics and mathematics. My proficiency extends to encompass the intricacies of machine learning, offering a comprehensive skill set that is instrumental in addressing multifaceted challenges.

My contributions to the field are underscored by a series of notable publications, presentations, and grants:

  • Taylor-Bishop DC, Mncube-Barnes FM, Ameyaw EE, et al. Determinants of Dental Care Utilization, Unmet Dental Care Need, and Barriers among Women of Reproductive Age in the United States. Oral Health Dental Sci. 2023; 7(3); 1-7.
  • "Evaluation of Barriers to Access Treatment for Gum Disease: A Cross-sectional Study" (2022) - B Taylor, B Fatima, E Ameyaw, Oral Health and Dental Science, ISSN: 2639-9490.
  • "Application of Machine Learning for Predicting Outcomes in a Random Effect Clustered Bivariate Model" (2022) - E Ameyaw, E Adjei, J Kwagyan, Proceedings from Joint Statistical Meeting (JSM) 2022, Washington DC.
  • Serving as an Assistant Statistical Consultant for "Excellence in Research: Scaling Social Capital and Health across Space" (Award Number: 2100825) - Raymond Tutu (Principal Investigator), Anwar Ouassini (Co-Principal Investigator), Delaware State University, NSF Organization: SES, Award Amount: $622,524.00.
  • "Numerical Approximation of the Marginal Likelihood of Random Effect Model for Clustered Bivariate Binary Outcomes" (2021) - E Ameyaw, J Kwagyan, Presented at the 2021 JSM Conference.
  • "Effects of Substance Use Disorder on In-Hospital Outcomes of Young Patients Presenting with a Cardiovascular Event: A Nationwide Analysis" (2022) - A Brgdar et al., Cureus 14(3): e22737.
  • "The Relationship between Peripheral Arterial Disease Severity and Allostatic Load" (2021) - K Hughes et al., African Annals of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, 13(2), 20-30.

An integral aspect of my professional journey is my adeptness in various software packages such as R, Python, SAS, WEKA, RapidMiner, Stata, SPSS, and Tableau, enabling the extraction of meaningful insights from intricate datasets.

My dedication to scholarly excellence is further demonstrated by my active participation as a peer reviewer for esteemed journals, including BioMed Central (BMC)-Women's Journal and the interdisciplinary series STEAM-H. This commitment extends to my ongoing engagement as a peer reviewer for numerous publications, thereby contributing to the broader scholarly discourse.