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Dominique Douglas

Area Co-coordinator - Arts Administration

  • Theatre Arts
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Dominique Douglas Hendricks is an administrator with nearly 15 years of professional experience.  Dominique’s career includes Theater and Administration.  She serves as a Lecturer and the Theater Manager for the Dept. of Theatre Arts at Howard University.  As a lecturer and mentor, she trains, guides and influences students so that they can follow their passion and fulfill their dreams in the theater and film industries, as well as, the non-profit and private sectors.Prior to joining Howard University, Dominique served as the Special Assistant to the Vice Chairman (Amb. Richard Verma), offering executive and strategic support.  Dominique also served the role of Office Manager at The Asia Group, where she provided a vast scope of office and systematic support to the firm, as well as, administrative support to the Chief Operating Officer.Prior to joining The Asia Group, Dominique served as the Office Manager and Administrative Assistant to several companies in the customer service and retail industries.  While at Novo Development she handled various tasks from scheduling, payroll/ expenses, and building management as their Administrative Coordinator.  She managed vendor contracts, accounting and human resources as the Office Manager for Sterling Carpet Shops, Inc.Additionally, Dominique’s experience extends to Program and Event Management.  At THEARC she was awarded the opportunity to serve as their Program Coordinator and Production Manager, where she oversaw events, productions and programming.  Dominique has managed productions in many theaters- Lincoln Theater, Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, Ellington Theater, Durham Performing Arts Center and more up and down the East Coast.Dominique enjoys serving and helping others to see their vision come to fruition; educating and guiding others through the completion of their projects.  She is an active volunteer.  Dominique is married to Alvin Hendricks Jr.  They have two sons- Artavion and Austin, and one daughter- Addyson.Dominique holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Theater Administration (Education) from North Carolina Central University and a Master’s of Science in Administration in Non-profit Management from Trinity Washington University, where she graduated magna cum laude in both degrees. Areas of Expertise: - Office Administration and Management- Production and Event Management- Personnel and Human Resources

Education & Expertise


Non-profit Management

Trinity Washington University

Theater Administration (Education)

North Carolina Central University


Office Administration and Management

Theater Production and Event Management

Personnel and Human Resources

Operations Management

Programming and Outreach

Communications and Marketing



Fundraising for the Arts

This course will provide practical information on various aspects of fundraising, particularly for non- profit organizations.  Attention will be focused on numerous tools and strategies of fundraising.  Emphasis on methods that help non-profits throughout their journey of development, programming and upkeep will be explored.

Intro to Production/ Lab

This course will provide students with practical skills in various aspects of theater production, management and operations. Assigned practical applications of techniques will be expected during the run of the departmental productions and special events in addition to the standard class time.  Attention will be focused on specific methods of production needed to assist and accomplish the goals related to special events during that term.  Emphasis on Box Office, Front of House, Publicity and Advertising, Production Management, as well as, Hospitality will be explored.  Based on the interests, experience and goals of the individual, a student may be permitted to fulfill leadership responsibilities in the functions listed above.

Theatre Arts Admin Labs III, IV & V

This course is designed to build upon the fundamentals learned in the Theatre Arts Administration Labs I and II.  Students will further enhance their skills in box office operations, theatre facilities management and operations, as well as, public relations for the theatre including advertising, publicity and audience development.  Students will also serve in the hospitality field during this lab.  Students in Labs III- V will be responsible for mentoring the students in Labs I and II; this will help students in labs III- V continue building skills such as team development, leadership enhancement and production/ event management.  Students may be permitted to fulfill leadership responsibilities in the functions listed above.

Technical Production I & II (Stage Manager)

This course is designed to train students in the fundamentals of technical theatre.  Students learn about each of the following areas: lighting, sound, set and costumes. In addition to the four areas listed above, some students will be able to acquire another skillset- that of Stage Managing.  In this role, students gain practical knowledge and training while serving as a SM or ASM during the DoTA Season.  They are trained and mentored through the duration of the production process.  These students not only build up their appreciation and understanding of this position, but they also benefit by growing skills such as team development and leadership enhancement.  From preproduction to postproduction, SM/ ASMs gain organizational, managerial, and supervisory abilities, as well as, directorial insight.

Technical Theatre Practicum III, IV & V

This course is designed to build upon the fundamentals learned in the Technical Production Labs.  Students will further enhance their skills in lighting and sound, serving as assistant designers and stage hands for the various events that takes place in our theatre spaces.  Students gain more hands on experience throughout the Department’s Season.  This course gives them the opportunity to display talents and skills acquired from their technical production course.  Students may be permitted to fulfill leadership responsibilities in the functions listed above.

Production Practicum I

This course is designed to build upon the fundamentals learned in all classes of theatre arts department.  Students will further enhance their skills while serving as leaders and ambassadors for the program.  Students fill the roles and responsibilities as stage managers, assistant stage managers, production assistants and assistant directors.  These roles allow students to fuse both creative and technical elements of the arts, all while serving in an administrative capacity.  Students may be permitted to fulfill leadership responsibilities in the functions listed above.




Education and Training in the Arts