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Headshot photo of Denise W.  Streeter, Ph.D. , CPA

Denise W. Streeter, Ph.D., CPA

Associate Professor

  • Finance & International Business
  • School of Business


Dr. Denise W. Streeter returned to her alma mater in the Department of Finance & International Business in 2015 after serving on the faculty at The Pennsylvania State University's York and World Campuses and as EVP/Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at National 4-H Council. She has earned degrees in accounting (HU, magma cum laude), economics, and finance and has taught courses to students of all ages, in various formats, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and on three continents.  Her education also has led her to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in DC (1986), MD (1993), and formerly PA (2014) and a licensed Real Estate Agent in MD. 

Dr. Streeter earned tenure at Howard in 2022 and was recognized as a Faculty Scholar (2021), an Alumni Exemplar of the Howard University School of Business (2015), Outstanding Woman of 4-H (2007), and with a listing in Who's Who among Black Americans (1991) for her layperson research on the First 100 Black CPAs. She has published research in accounting, finance, and pedagogy journals and secured grant funding of over $1 million to date.  Along with her husband, Chris, she is the proud "coach" to their three young adults, two daughters-in-law, and two grandchildren.

Areas of expertise

  • Accounting & Financial Social Justice
  • Corporate and Household Finance
  • Financial Markets and Institutions
  • Financial Planning/Wealth Management
  • Investments


  • Ph.D.; Finance; Old Dominion University; Norfolk, Virginia; 2013
  • MA; Economics; Old Dominion University; Norfolk, Virginia; 2012
  • MS; Finance; The Johns Hopkins University; Baltimore, Maryland; 2005
  • BBA; Accounting (magna cum laude); Howard University; Washington, DC; 1984

Courses Taught

  • Corporate Finance:
    • Business Finance/ Finance Principles
    • Financial Management (BBA & MBA)
    • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Financial Markets and Institutions (BBA & MBA)
  • Investments:
    • Investment Banking
    • Principles of Investments
    • Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management (MBA)
  • Managerial Economics

Selected Research


  • Streeter, D.W. (2021). The Response of EU-based Commercial Banks to Credit Stimuli, Journal of Finance and Accountancy, Vol 30, 2 – 19.
  • Hammond, T., Streeter, D.W., and Musundwa, S. (2021). Using Qualitative Research to Effect Change: African/ American Accountants in Black and White. Critical Perspectives on Accounting. Available at:
  • Streeter, D. (2018). The Response of U.S.-based Commercial Banks to Credit Stimuli,  Banking and Finance Review, North America, Vol 10, (1), 82-111. Available at:
  • Streeter, D.W., Najand, M., V. R. Dondeti, and Benton, J. (2015). A Study of the Lead-Lag Relationship between Price Change and Trading Volume in Futures Markets using High-Frequency Data. International Journal of Bonds and Derivatives, Vol 1(4), 284-301.  
  • Hammond, T. A., and Streeter, D.W. (2013). African Americans and Certified Public Accounting (chapter 11). In R. K. Fleischman, W. N. Funnell, & S. Walker (Eds.), Critical Histories of Accounting: Sinister Inscriptions in the Modern Era. United Kingdom: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.  
  • Hammond, T. and Streeter, D.W. (1994). Overcoming Barriers: Early African- American Certified Public Accountants.  Accounting Organizations and Society, 19(3), 271 - 288.  
  • Streeter, D. W. (1990). The History of Black Accountancy: The First 100 Black CPAs, Washington, DC: National Association of Black Accountants.