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Headshot photo of Debra D Roberts

Debra D Roberts, Ph.D.

  • Certified WAC Instructor
  • College of Arts & Sciences
  • Professor and Department Chair


Dr. Debra D. Roberts is Founding Director of the Cultural Socialization Lab (CSL) housed in Howard University's Department of Psychology, where she is Professor and Chair. She received her B.Sc. in Psychology/Neuroscience from University of Toronto, M.Sc. in Community Psychology from Florida A&M University, and Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from Temple University.

Dr. Roberts’ primary area of research involves examining various aspects of culture and ethnicity as they impact the relationship between psychosocially toxic environments, otherwise known as PTEs (poverty, violence, discrimination, trauma, etc.) and psychosocial well-being among children and adolescents.  She has worked with diverse populations and has unique research experience with programs that target marginalized, vulnerable children and adolescents of color.  As someone of Caribbean descent who was raised in Canada, she is particularly excited about the prospect of working with youth of African descent throughout the Diaspora.  Her passion for research extends to the classroom, where both undergraduate and graduate courses motivate her to bring creative, innovative learning-focused instructional approaches to teaching.


Education & Expertise


Developmental Psychology

Temple University

Community Psychology.

Florida A&M University


University of Toronto




Cultural/Ethnic Identity and the normative development of diasporic African children within various contexts.

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