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1 year 9 months Jeremy Blackstone is an Adjunct Lecturer at Howard University in the Computer Science Department. He is currently a PhD candidate in the Computer Science and Engineering department at University of California, San Diego and received his Bachelor's and Master's degree in Systems and Computer Science at Howard University. He performs research in hardware security working on projects developing countermeasures for side channel attacks. The projects identify the most vulnerable points during a cryptographic algorithm's execution and prevent an adversary from performing observations or modifications of the data to mitigate power analysis, electromagnetic analysis or fault injection attacks.
University of California, San Diego June 2021 Computer Science and Engineering Ph. D.
Howard University May 2015 Systems and Computer Science M.S.
Howard University May 2014 Systems and Computer Science B.S.
Computer Science I (CSCI-135) C++ section This course provides an introduction to the discipline of computer programming. Closed laboratory to reinforce lecture topics and introduce new topics. Course is designed to expose students to basic programming concepts and to the use of the C++ language. This course is designed to enhance the student’s ability to design, develop and test/debug programs. Each student will increase his or her skill in writing correct and maintainable programs. Emphasis will be placed on problem analysis and on the subsequent development of algorithms. Several standard data types will be discussed and the student will gain an understanding of the issues relating to the use, design and implementation of each type in C++. A major focus of the lectures will be to provide an overview of real-world problem solving concepts and top-down software design.  Prereq: Intro. to Computer Science. 
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, CEA Faculty Computer Science Cybersecurity My research interests are side channel attacks, security instrumentation and denial of service attacks PDF icon CV_11_2020.pdf Computer Science He/Him