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Headshot photo of Debby Lindsey-Taliefero, Ph.D.

Debby Lindsey-Taliefero


  • Finance & International Business
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Debby Lindsey-Taliefero, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Economics in the Department of Finance at Howard University. Her research efforts have focused on mortgage finance including foreclosures, delinquencies, and regulatory compliance; fair lending, and financial literacy. Dr. Lindsey-Taliefero has served as Project Manager for the Freddie Mac's CreditSmart Curriculum for Howard University. The CreditSmart project sheds light on minority group credit issues and has produced reports on credit behavior, focus groups, a national survey analyzing African American credit behavior, and a consumer credit education curriculum used at Howard University. In addition, she conducts student financial literacy surveys annually dating back to 2002 to assess students' financial literacy needs and knowledge. Her credit research is cited in 2002 congressional testimony before the U.S. Senate Hearing on The State Financial Literacy and Education in America.Dr. Lindsey-Taliefero served as an expert witness in a federal lawsuit in Tennessee on behalf of African-American plaintiffs alleging discrimination in automobile financing. Two major reports were produced by Dr. Lindsey-Taliefero, which lead to class action lawsuits settlements against Nissan Motors Acceptance Corporation and General Motors Acceptance Corporation. Her reports were featured or cited on ABC 20/20, in the New York Times, Washington Post, and in Department of Justice's Amicus brief in supporting the plaintiffs in the auto finance litigation. Nissan Motors Corporation Acceptance settled out of court in March of 2003 and the ramification of subsequence settlements radically improved pricing outcomes for minority borrowers.Dr. Lindsey-Taliefero has published in the Journal of Business & Economics Research, Journal of the Academy of Economics and Finance, Journal of Finance Case Research, Journal of Studies in Economics and Finance, Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, Journal of Research on Minority Affairs, International Advances in Economic Research, Mortgage Banking Magazine, CRA Bulletin and numerous conference proceedings. She currently serves as advisor to the Mortgage Lending Industry: Strategic Market and Diversity Conference, Research Associate for the Center of Race and Wealth, and Advisor of the Golden Key International Honour Society. Prior to joining the faculty at Howard University, Dr. Lindsey-Taliefero worked as an Economist at Analytic Services, Inc. (Anser), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the National Urban League, and the Washington Bureau of the NAACP.